What to Do When Individual Bankruptcy Is Your Best Choice

There are many reasons which may lead a man or woman to decide to file personal bankruptcy, yet it’s not the sort of choice to readily be done flippantly. It is usually a hard conclusion. People battle with questions on its values, and have sensible concerns with regards to their potential credit standing, along with wondering just how it is that they actually ended up in this particular circumstance in the first place. Some tend to be there due to unwise management of their money. Other people can trace their own need to go for bankruptcy back to the place where these people had a divorce. Then there are others who are encumbered with what are in truth, devastating medical bills due to an unexpected health event, or even death.

If you could have received financial therapy, and so are realistically certain that you have no other solution past a bankruptcy proceeding, then the primary thing to undertake is to plan a appointment with some sort of qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law (irblaw.com.sg). Take along your list of virtually all the questions you want to now have answered. Be prepared to clarify your plight, and take a listing of a person’s possessions and then any other facts as the law firm may tell you to bring. All must be formally noted, and utilizing a person’s attorney’s aid, you may pick which of the three kinds of individual bankruptcy is the one for your predicament.

After A Traumatic Brain Injury, There Could Be A Possibility Of Recovering Cash

Several youngsters have suffered a traumatic brain injury on account of complications with precisely where they live and play. Although not every one of the scenarios are caused by negligence, quite a few are merely due to accidental injuries, when the injury is brought on by the neglectfulness of another person or a business, the parents could possibly receive compensation for their kid’s injuries.

The compensation the mother or father might get is actually determined by exactly how serious the injury is and also just what current and future attention the youngster will require. It’s critical for a dad or mom to consider working with a traumatic brain injury lawyer who is aware of exactly what they’re dealing with and exactly what they could encounter later on while caring for their own kid. The mother or father may wish to ensure they’ll speak to the attorney as soon as possible after the incident in order to understand whether they have a case and also if they are able to acquire compensation from the liable party. If that’s the case, they can start working with the lawyer right away to receive the compensation they’re going to require to be able to cover their kid’s medical bills as well as some other injury connected expenses.

In case your son or daughter has been seriously harmed in an accident and endured a traumatic brain injury, don’t be reluctant to seek out legal help today. Go to juliejohnsonlaw.com in order to discover more about how a lawyer could assist you and also why you are going to wish to contact a legal professional right now.

Lazy greedy fraud goan housewife Nisha Dsa another google, tata, cbi promoted lazy cunning cheater

The powerful fraud Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees are so vicious in defaming a google competitor, paypal account holder that in panaji, goa they are falsely claiming that a goan housewife nisha dsa mother of a girl studying in red rosary, a shameless liar is doing work on the computer to give the fraud housewife nisha dsa great powers.
As usual the banking, financial records will prove that the Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees in panaji, goa are pathological shameless liars and frauds as the crooked lazy greedy cunning google, tata sponsored fraud goan housewife nisha dsa will not be able to show a single penny from paypal in her own bank account .
When google, tata are paying salaries to thousands of employees, can these crooked shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees explain in an open debate why the goan housewife is working online for free in an open debate for years ?
Of course like the notorious nigerian fraudsters , the shameless section 420 fraud liar Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees do not have the honesty to defend their lies in an open debate , yet continue to repeat their lies like parrots for 7 years to deny the google competitor the income and opportunities she deserved . This clearly indicates that google, tata will stoop to the lowest level to acquire talent and technology cheaply

Identity/resume theft for talent acquisition

An added fraud in the indian internet sector, is how experienced honest hardworking individuals, investors find that google, tata and other companies, cbi, ntro employees are stealing their impressive resumes, so that they can bribe and control powerful intelligence and security agency employees for the rest of their lives.

For example , google, tata are falsely claiming that the R&AW employees, sunaina, siddhi, goan call girls are domain investors (owning this domain name), internet experts, stealing the resume of a google competitor, so that the powerful officials these women are having sex with, abuse their discretionary powers to defame, harass and torture a google competitor.

Similarly google, tata and others are falsely claiming that cheater housewives, riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, naina, veena, and other fraud women who have never made a single penny online are online experts, so that their powerful friends and relatives, also defame, cheat, exploit and torture the google competitor.

Indian media refuses to cover unethical talent acquisition methods

The unethical and illegal methods used by indian internet and tech companies, allegedly google, tata for talent acquisition, remain a top secret, as the indian mainstream media is extremely dishonest and refuses to cover the news of the fraud since these companies are major advertisers, have powerful government employees supporting them.

In particular vulnerable individuals in the it and internet sector like small business owners are being specifically targetted for harassment by these it and tech companies, who are aware of the fact that these small business owners do not have a very strong support system .

In fact more than 7 years ago, in the blog dollarshower, the blogger warned people, never leave your job , blogging is only a part time activity as he was aware of the terrible plight of identity theft victims in India

Slander of talented, intelligent women

In an interview with Simi Garewal, the late J. Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu spoke about the slander she was being subjected to, which was complete rubbish, without any truth , how false rumors were spread to damage her reputation. In a similar manner, small business owners, who are targetted by large companies for talent acquisition, are similarly subjected to an extremely vicious slander campaign, based entirely on lies, by the large companies who are completely devoid of personal and professional ethics . These companies understand human psychology very well, that repeating lies for a longer period of time,can create the illusion of truth and many people may be duped , ruining the reputation of the person completely.

Google, tata and others have perfected the art of destroying the reputation, finances and life of any harmless indian citizen without any legally valid proof, The powerful local intelligence and security agency employees can be bribed into spreading completely fake rumors about an innocent person, making it extremely difficult to get any kind of work locally or in India, unless it is from close family member and friends. If the small business owner is making money from exports, the security agency employees on the payroll of these companies will label the person as a security threat without any proof at all, to stalk, defame, torture and exploit the harmless innocent exporter for the rest of their life.

Negative tactics used in the indian internet sector

In other sectors, head hunters will usually approach a person if a company is interested in working with the person. However in the indian internet and tech sector, extremely negative tactics are used for acquiring talent and technology cheaply:

  • Defamation, slander, fake allegations without any proof
  • Fake cases to extort money
  • Theft of retirement savings without a court order
  • Surveillance
  • Denial of fundamental rights to privacy, earn a living, blocking payment, closing account
  • Corporate espionage
  • Theft of leads, orders
  • Diversion , Theft of correspondence like emails, smses, postal mail, phone calls
  • Impersonation frauds
  • Other harassment including human rights abuses, torture, voice to skull technology

Causing financial losses to acquire talent

It has become extremely dangerous to work in the indian internet and IT sector because companies are extremely unscrupulous and unethical in their methods to acquire talent and technology cheaply

These companies are aware of the fact that a small business owner will not take up a job if his or her business is doing well, so they do everything possible to cause great financial losses, ruin the reputation of the harmless citizen. It is observed that the IT, internet and tech companies want potential recruits to approach them for a job so that they can negotiate the best deal possible, acquire talent and technology at the lowest rate possible without paying the market price.

If these internet companies are approaching the talented person directly or indirectly using a head hunter, the talented person will be aware of the fact that he or she is in demand, and negotiate for a higher compensation, from any person or company who is asking for help. So the core talent acquisition strategy of tech and internet companies involves ruining the reputation and finances of the talented, hardworking person, to ensure that the company hiring will get a very good deal, as the victim is desperate to get a job.

Google slanders competitor, link seller in India

The iit kharagpur 1993 btech topper sundar pichai led google has allegedly been extremely vicious and ruthless in defaming a harmless google competitor, link seller in panaji, goa bribing powerful fraud ntro, cbi, intelligence and security agency employees to abuse their powers and spread false rumors that various google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds own the domain names, websites and paypal account of the google competitor. In reality the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are not investing any money or time online, yet they shamelessly want to take credit and get a monthly indian government salary

These fraud indian intelligence, google, tata employees are relying on the extremely powerful fraud NTRO employees led by puneet, j srinivasan,vijay, who are putting the domain investor under surveillance, and then duping people and companies that their lazy greedy girlfriends, sex partners are doing the work online, though none of these google, tata sponsored frauds have ever done any work online in their life, and are also least interested in doing so.

These fraud ntro employees are aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult for a small business owner, with very limited resources to fight the slander of a powerful indian government employee who most companies blindly believe in, and who can waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to slander the small business owner. Google’s only aim is to destroy the reputation, finances and life of a google competitor , so that it can continue making million dollar profits.

Lack of ethics of IT and internet companies

One of the reasons why many of the companies in the indian internet sector are making losses is because the largest companies are extremely unethical, devoid of personal and professional ethics, using illegal, shocking methods to acquire talent and technology cheaply. If they had been more kind, humane and ethical in their talent acquisition methods, they would have got and retained better quality talent with a better understanding of the indian market, compared to their current employees, who may be very smart looking, excellent speakers, yet lack the experience, judgement, to take the right decision about their business.

In the manufacturing sector, most companies are fairly ethical about talent acquisition, because material expenses form a large part of the expenses of any project and the person handling the project cannot make a very great difference, however experienced or competent he or she may be. However in the indian tech and internet sector, companies are extremely aggressive in acquiring talent and technology very cheaply, as it can make a very great difference to their profit. In the 1990s itself, TCS was notorious for exploiting hard working employees to the maximum extent possible, and allegedly that the attitude has worsened in the last few decades, as IT companies have perfected the art of handling/exploiting indian engineers to maximize their productivity