Causing financial losses to acquire talent

It has become extremely dangerous to work in the indian internet and IT sector because companies are extremely unscrupulous and unethical in their methods to acquire talent and technology cheaply

These companies are aware of the fact that a small business owner will not take up a job if his or her business is doing well, so they do everything possible to cause great financial losses, ruin the reputation of the harmless citizen. It is observed that the IT, internet and tech companies want potential recruits to approach them for a job so that they can negotiate the best deal possible, acquire talent and technology at the lowest rate possible without paying the market price.

If these internet companies are approaching the talented person directly or indirectly using a head hunter, the talented person will be aware of the fact that he or she is in demand, and negotiate for a higher compensation, from any person or company who is asking for help. So the core talent acquisition strategy of tech and internet companies involves ruining the reputation and finances of the talented, hardworking person, to ensure that the company hiring will get a very good deal, as the victim is desperate to get a job.

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