SEX workers, frauds, blackmailers valued VVIPs in India, engineers are unwanted

The indian mainstream media refuses to carry the news of the harsh reality of living in India, that mediocre lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives, frauds and blackmailers who never studied engineering in their life are highly valued by the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies especially CBI,NTRO and given top indian intelligence jobs with fake resume including fake engineering degrees , fake investment and fake work online.
On the other hand, experienced hardworking honest engineers from the best engineering colleges are unwanted in India, subjected to malicious and completely fake slander campaigns by cbi, ntro, security agencies and subjected to the most terrible non consensual human experimentation, like the jews in nazi germany.
The top indian government employees promoting sex workers and other frauds as experienced engineers cannot be identified or held accountable ,and will never be able to defend their atrocities and fake claims in an open debate.

Women, engineers who are not well connected are especially subjected to endless atrocities, resume theft by top indian intelligence and security agency employees freelancing for large corporates like google, tata to increase their profit, acquire talent and technology cheaply

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