Large number of R&AW/CBI employees fake their resume, online work

One of the reasons why ISI is considered to be better than R&AW worldwide is because a large number of R&AW/CBI/Indian intelligence employees have fake resumes and faking their online work . The indian government, R&AW. CBI think that repeating lies for years, will create an illusion of truth, however it does not alter the fact that the R&AW employees are faking their resume, online work, investment online and offline.
One of the reasons why most intelligence agencies, except the indian intelligence agencies insist on conducting a background check, is that they do not want to waste their time, money and resources on a person who is faking his or her resume. However in India, the incompetent dishonest
indian intelligence agencies, especially ntro, think that stealing the memory of a person is sufficient for identity theft, however it does not change the fact that their employees are mediocre lazy greedy frauds with no experience or expertise
The indian government may delude itself that their employees have impressive resumes, however though the memory may be stolen, judgement and decision making cannot be replicated so easily

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