how lazy fraud women get credit and a government salary in the indian internet sector without doing any work

NTRO employees like puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, parmar have evolved a very effective strategy similar to nigerian fraudsters in getting their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives credit for work they do not do, and permanent government jobs,
They use voice to skull technology to tell domain investors, paypal account holders, that if they keep quiet when these ntro employees are spreading false rumors about the online work, that their friends and relatives are doing the work, the paypal account holder will be considered for an important position, as the paypal account holder has a team . However in reality the friends, relatives get the job and government salary without doing any work at all because of the fake claims, while the paypal account holder is getting nothing.
When the paypal account holder is protesting, these cunning ntro officials are then taunting her using voice to skull technology, that she will remain at the lowest level. Since after 7 years, anyway the ntro officials are not going to acknowledge the paypal account holder or give her anything, why falsely give the relatives,friends and sex partners of officials credit for work they do not do .
It is better that people are aware of the fact that ntro employees are getting jobs for their relatives, friends and sex partners, with fake resume, fake work, fake investment, ruthlessly and shamelessly exploiting, defaming, cheating the real domain investor

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