Harassed to teach technology, for free

Allegedly google, tata do not wish to pay the market price for the domain names and technology, so they bribed the CBI, NTRO employees to harass the domain investor so much, that she would teach someone for free. They appear to have told everyone, not to help her, unless she will teach them the technology for free . When the domain investor has invested so much time and money, there is no way she will teach anyone for free, especially those who betrayed her. It is this regressive mindset of CBi, NTRO which makes it difficult for indians to do well online, as those who are hardworking, honest are specifically targetted for harassment, cheating and exploitation for the rest of their life, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.
When people treat others badly intentionally like ruchika, veena, siddhi, nayanshree, sunaina, naina, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, parmar, patel, it means that they do not value the relationship, and there is no point in dealing with the person again, as they will cause hurt again

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