When NTRO making citizens slaves, stealing their memory, companies do not hire people

One of the reasons for jobless growth in India, is that ntro is involved in the large scale theft of the memory of indian citizens without their permission and without offering any kind of compensation. The stolen memory of indian citizens is then given to large corporates like google, tata who have offered bribes to these ntro employees in the form of sex workers or jobs for their relatives, friends and sex partners
The person whose memory is stolen by the ntro employees effectively becomes a slave of these large companies like google, tata as all the research done by the person, spending a lot of time and money is given by the corrupt ntro employee to google, tata and other corporates.
If the memory was not stolen by NTRO employees, google, tata would have to spend their own time, money in research, hiring people, however because the ntro employees are allowed to abuse their powers and steal the memory of indian citizens without a court order or legally valid reason, without being identified or held accountable, these companies are allowed to make any number of indian citizens slaves stealing their memory
Like the slaves in pre civil war america, the indian citizens made slaves by ntro do not get paid anything, yet have to work very hard just for food, shelter and clothing. When NTRO employees are making people slaves, why will companies increase their expenses, hiring employees

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