With NTRO selling indian citizen slaves to IT, internet companies, they do not create jobs

Increasingly NTRO is making a large number of indian citizens their slaves, stealing their memory without their permission or offering any kind of compensation. The stolen memory of these slave indian citizens is then sold to large It and internet companies like google, tata to increase their profit and acquire technology free from the slave small business owner .
Since NTRO employees are openly involved in indian citizen, paypal account holder slave trade, and help companies like google, tata get slaves without a salary, why will these companies create jobs, hire employees, pay salaries .
According to a television debate, in 2010, 10 lakh new jobs were created in the organized sector, in 2016, only 2.3 lakh jobs were created in the organized sector, clearly indicatinng that job creation has declined rapidly as NTRO slave trade has increased dramatically, and NTRO employees are selling indian citizens to large corporates like google, tata

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