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A Guide to Legal Document Translation Translating a technical document which is written in a foreign language should be translated to the common language, but this task is not an easy one and requires great effort and qualified expertise. Legal translators apparently have certain abilities akin to any other type of translators of their own field. Legal translators are required to have years of experience in translating legal documents as well as knowledge on the specific area of the law. So, whether you are a lawyer, an immigrant, or someone who need a single legal document translated, you need a certain type of legal document that is translated in the English language. If an attorney has a foreign client who wants to immigrate to the US and who cannot speak fluent English, he can help this client by providing foreign documents that has already been translated into English.
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An attorney may also need to access case results and litigation in a foreign language. Here is where a translator can help because he can provide a summarized translation of the case results and litigation proceedings.
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Translation is very important in legal contracts when a client and a foreigner has to sign a contract together. Translation of the legal contract should occur prior to shaking of hands so that your client will be well aware of what is involve upon signing the contract. It is significant to have an accurate translation that is certified by a professional translator to keep your client off the loop. If your client’s business is in a foreign country, then all corporate documents need to be translated in order not to create misunderstanding with other parties. One other area that requires no margin for error in a foreign transaction, is with financial records. Numbers are numbers and one cannot dispute what is there, but often, the problem does not rest there but instead rest on the meaning behind the numbers. If you are a legal translator, it is not necessary to have a law degree, yet it is important that you are at least acquainted and have studies the laws and legal institutions in both the source and target countries. Translating concepts and terms from one legal system to another are prone to linguistic issues that you also need to know. The multilingual solutions offered by dedicated iTi’s and experienced teams are of a wide range for domestic and global corporation in different types of industries. This means that you can take advantage of communication services on a global scale by reacting, managing, and distributing your content in any format. The importance of this is seen by those who have a translation project on hand.

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